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Real Estate can be like a dark room ... Let me turn a few lights on for you!.

What makes MY help and services more valuable than other Realtors? Experience ... Skill ... Expertise ... Knowledge? Uhh ... Ok, Maybe.

But more than that, it's simply this - I can't keep a SECRET ... Specifically, "INSIDER SECRETS"! Secrets like:

  • If less than 1 out 100 homes sell  as a result of an "Open House", why do Realtors do them? (Hint - it's not for the seller's benefit.)
  • Sold in 90 Days - Guaranteed! (Is this one of those "Too good to be true" enticements - ask me what this is all about.)
  • "Now" is a great time to buy! (Uh oh ... maybe not - but that's what they all will tell you.)
  • What they don't tell you about "Condos"! (There are BIG negatives that are seldom discussed that you should know before you buy.)
  • The top 5 home RESALE KILLERS that scare away buyers unless you're priced as a "Steal".
  • What a home's MLS history tells you about it's buyer appeal and RESALE VALUE (whether you are a buyer or a seller).
  • "Price high and drop your pants" when  you get an offer? What they don't tell you before you price your home!

... Because "THAT'S HOW 'THEY' GETCHA"! 

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I offer many free reports by topic that reveal what's really going on so you can't get played and so much more. I'll be happy to send these to you on request ... but I need you to request them.

Is Experience ... Skill ... Expertise ... Knowledge the most important qualities a Realtor should have? MAYBE ... but I don't think that's the defining issue when choosing a Realtor to help you! ALL Realtors will make that claim!


It's really about honesty - teaching you what you need to know SO YOU DON'T LOSE MONEY, not just what you want to hear. So I'm going to reveal to you the WHOLE truth - about the MARKET, the HOMES (most of them are RE-SALE lemons), REALTOR TACTICS and most importantly - how you can find and know you are buying a "TOP-DOLLAR" home.

Buying  what I call a "Top Dollar" home is CRITICAL to your future resale value - when you decide you want or need to sell.

Why is this so important to you? Because when you decide to sell, you'll want to sell quickly and for "Top Dollar".

All home owners want that but, the problem is that most homes are what I call RESALE LEMONS -  they simply do not have that extremely high buyer appeal that's required and it's BUYER APPEAL that causes a home to sell quickly and for top dollar - regardless of market conditions.


Some Realtors don't really care what home you buy, as long as you buy something - any home - and they can get paid their commission. Are Realtors simply ignoring the future RE-SALE prospects of that home they are showing you? If you are their buyer client, this should be their prime concern BECAUSE most homes are RE-SALE LEMONS!

The problem as I see it is that no matter what home you choose, the Realtor still gets paid a commission. Unfortunatly, some Realtors don't give a darn WHAT home you buy ... their paycheck doesn't depend on anything more than getting a deal accepted at any price on ANY home.

In all fairness to my associates, they work hard and are honest in their efforts. Perhaps they simply don't consider that at some point you will need to sell the home you are considering buying today. They also may not consider that the timing of your need to sell the home you are are considering purchasing today may be at a future time where the market is "normal" or "slow".

BUT ... UNDERSTAND THIS ONE THING: 7 out of 10 homes are probably RE-SALE LEMONS in normal or slow markets!

In a HOT Market - ANY home will sell. Maybe not for top-dollar, but it will eventually sell. In a NORMAL or SLOW market, only TOP-DOLLAR homes with high buyer appeal will attract buyers - unless that RE-SALE lemon is priced as an absolute STEAL. Translation: You are going to lose a lot of money to sell a pig with lipstick (the lipstick is the low price)!


It's a home that will SELL in the first few days it is listed with competing offers for more than list price when the market is HOT! It's a home that will SELL quickly and close to list price when the market is NORMAL. It's a home that will SELL without dropping your pants when the market is SLOW!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, its a home you can easily re-sell when you want to re-sell it - UNDER ANY MARKET CONDITIONS!


Simple - get my report I call "How You Can Know if it's a Top Dollar Home". Using this report will ensure you know what to avoid, what features have high buyer appeal, and actually allows you to "score" and compare every home you look at. It's an especially helpful guide in your onlne search so you can eliminate the homes with low buyer appeal and/or outright negatives and identify Top Dollar homes you'll want to personally view.

There are many Top Dollar homes in all areas of the city and in all price ranges - but you need to be able to recognize them. Just because you may "like/love it" does not mean it has high buyer appeal or negatives you simply don't know to look for and cannot be a Top Dollar home. My report will help you identify a Top Dollar home that has high buyer appeal that you will "like/love" much more than a potential resale lemon.


Even if it is a resale lemon (and it's not YOUR fault) - let's get it sold and this time you can know you are upgrading to a Top Dollar home. I don't want you to make the same mistake twice! The real estate market is no longer "hot" and is presently declining, and though the outlook is progressively going negative, now might ne a good time to consider upgrading to a Top Dollar home while the market is still relatively "normal".

I provide a high level of service and accessability, and presently work with only a limited number of clients at any one time. If you want to ensure this type of service and advice, choose a Realtor like me to ensure your real estate sale and next purchase is successful and has the greatest oppportunity to be profitable when you eventually resell.

Please don't hesitate to email me, or better yet, call me at (403) 702-5991 if you would like to see ONLY TOP-DOLLAR homes in any area of Calgary. Just tell me what area, the style of home, your maximum price, and any other features you'd like to have - I can help!

If you have any questions on the "secrets" I mentioned above highlited in yellow, or any of my reports, please text me at 403-702-5991 or email your questions to me using the link below.

Until then, know that I have your back. I'll leave a light on for you!


Gord Sears, Professional Realtor

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